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Posted in Love with tags , , , , , , on July 16, 2010 by Sara Lilly

I’ve been unmistakably happier recently. I’ve had a good week. I’ve spent every night this week with my friends doing nothing but sitting and talking around coffee, burgers (veggie of course!) and hookah. Life’s good when you have companions and those things.

So I put the topic as love because I love so passionately as I’ve already mentioned a dozen times in this blog that no one reads. I was telling my friend who I drink tea with on Sunday nights that sometimes I feel the only being who gives me the passionate love I share, is God. Divine love. Maybe God and my mother. But aren’t mothers kind of like gods on Earth for humans?  Sure, our fathers helped make us but our mothers brought us here.

Thinking about motherhood in that way makes me want babies. Not now–oh God, not now. Besides, I’d actually need a little thing called a husband first.



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I do this writer’s group thing with a couple friends I met through my creative writing class last semester. We meet up every other Wednesday at the coffee place on campus, exchange the stuff we’ve been working on and sip our drinks. Afterwards, we get to talking about anything. Here’s what I figured out today:

If it weren’t for my religion, I would be so fucking messed up.

Don’t worry, this is not going to be a “FIND GOD AND HE’LL FORGIVE YOU!” schpeel at all. Not even close. Firstly, I’m not a Christian so the whole salvation from sin thing isn’t the core of my beliefs. I’m a Baha’i. ( We want world peace. We think all religions are true but different based on the time period of which they appeared. We like men and women to be equal and for there to be no prejudice or racism.

Anyway, I get emotionally involved in everything I do, hear, say, read. Everything. I walk into my Principles of Lit class and ask the people around me if they cried over the last section we had to read. They stare at me like I have three heads and stretch out a long, “No.” I fully admit that I’m probably a little crazy. But when I hear a song I like, I read about it and study the lyrics and memorize it and learn the whole history behind it. I don’t watch good movies once; I buy them and see them dozens of times. I look for new underlying messages and symbols. I study the actors and the writing of the film. Everything I see or read, I connect to a part of me, and that’s what makes me so empathetic. I get empathetic and worked up a lot, because this world is full of so much shit and awful things.

My religion promises world peace through the implementation of its core priniciples. If I didn’t have this faith, this idea of a better day and the tools for it, I swear I would probably be a major drug addict or I would have killed myself by now. Maybe it means that deep down, I’m a weak human being. But everyone’s got one thing that keeps their head above the water and this is mine. I’d be nothing if I weren’t a Baha’i.

“O Son of Spirit!

My first Counsel is this: Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart, that thine may be a sovereignty ancient, imperishable and everlasting.”